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Thank god Christmas is over. Heh. Rubedo, I got your gift. Yes I'm responding late, I've been... busy.

Er... um... Thanks. I don't think they'll work though.

So um... how are you feeling...?

((ooc: O_O I'm alive! D8 Really! I'll be active!! And I noticed all the URTVs are here >DD Family Reunion anyone? Oh yeah and Citrine is *trying* to be nice. ))


Heh, is he finally gone or what? Haha... ...


Yesterday... was not entertaining. I couldn't control myself and I was talking all weird. I think I gave myself a headache from the way I was talking. What was that?


It doesn't matter it's done and over with.


HeeHee! Brothers! They are so annoying, you tell them the truth and ya know what~~~ they get even more angry!

Oh my! Well there isn't anything I can do, oh no no no!

See father told me this so it has to be true, ya know! Albedo and Rubedo~ Both failures! TeeHeeHee~!

Oh no! What's going on huh? I'm like soooooo annoyed! But ya know I sound happy! What is like ya know going on? Can someone like be nice and tell me?

TeeHee~~~! I'm like confused and... uh... um... stuff!

((XP I fail at trying to make someone a hyper prep when they are not. Hope I did it right >_< yes she is suppose to be annoying too.))


I don't like this place. It reminds me of that institute back on Zavarov, only exception was we got to leave now and then. For war anyway… What is this place anyway? Not that I care I would just like to know.

I still have this headache but the good news is I have found myself a room. Apartment 6, room 68. Heh, just like that number on my palm.

The reason he is still alive is because he made a promise to that woman. I still pity him.

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